Shun Classic Chef's Knife

Become a ninja chef with the Shun Classic Chef's Knife, a tool so versatile it can be used to chop, dice, mince, cube, and slice anything you want. Want to chop those fresh herbs you just picked from your garden? No problem, the Shun Classic Chef's Knife has a curved edge that allows you to perform a rocking motion to cut them as small as you require, quickly and easily. Its straight, rounded handle, allows for a firm grip and constant movement, ensuring the perfect cut every time.

The Shun Classic Chef's Knife is lightweight and extra thin, which makes it easier to use than others, and its elegant finish will fit perfectly in any contemporary kitchen space. It has been manufactured out of the highest quality steel, and its layered pattern guarantees long-lasting resistance under most high impact conditions. Whether a pro or a beginner, the Shun Classic Chef's Knife will always be one of the best investments you will ever want to make.


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