Shun Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku

The Shun Classic Santoku knife has its origins in the Japanese knife known as the knife of the three virtues, which refers to the three types of food and the three types of cuts it works best at. The Shun Classic Hollow Ground Santoku knife, true to tradition, is great at dicing, chopping, and slicing fish, poutry, and vegetables, making it a true virtuoso of the kitchen.

The Shun Classic Santoku knife, which has been awarded the Kitchen Knife of the Year award, is an elegantly finished knife with a D shaped handle that allows for ease of use and a strong grip. This knife is manufactured with Shun's proprietary steel formula, which has been proven over and over to hold its perfectly sharpened edge regardless of use. Its layered steel pattern is not only elegant and appealing, but holds the secret of its sharpening, and the indentations above its edge are excellent at leading the blade through food.

Because of its beauty, sturdiness, resistance, and perfect blade, the Shun Classic Hollow Ground Santoku knife is one that beginners and pros alike will not want to live without.

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