Shun Classic Honing Steel

All knives, without exception, tend to bend a little each time you use them. This happens because their edge is very thin, so coming into contact with resistant surfaces can damage them. Letting this happen constantly over time will make you end up with a dull knife. To prevent this, the Shun Classic Honing Steel is the way to go.

The Shun Classic Honing Steel is designed to help you align the edge of your knives and reduce the damage to the blade, giving new life and a renewed sharpness to all your cutting tools. Beginners will love the angle on its handle which allows for perfect positioning and success each time it is used. More seasoned users will find that it is easier to maneuver and requires less movement if employed once a week or so, depending on how intensely their knives are used.

No matter what type of knives you own already, the Shun Classic Honing Steel is the perfect companion to all, since it will help you extend the natural life of your knives beyond the normal expectation, becoming the best investment you will ever make.

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