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Simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Recycling Liner, 16-18L

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Commercial recycling can liners tend to be flimsy, causing them to rip and tear, making a mess whenever you try to lift them. This is especially true of large sized liners, which rip easily due to their weight when full. Introducing the Simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Liner, an easy to handle option for your large Simplehuman recycling bins.

The Simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Liner has been engineered with highly resistant plastic material, and designed with a double seam to prevent the bottom from giving out during lifting. Its easy to use drawstring allows you to close a full bag in an effortless manner, while providing an easy way to lift and carry it. The Simplehuman Code V Custom Fit Liner's convenient size will fit 16 to 18 liter cans, making it an investment no home should ever go without.

Comes as 3 packs of 20 recycling can liners.

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