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Simplehuman Odorsorb Filter Kit

Trash cans get that musty scent over time that is very difficult to remove, even after washing. This is especially true of plastic trash cans, which tend to absorb the odors, making it impossible to remove them. Protect your trash can from these unwanted smells with the Simplehuman Odorsorb Filter Kit, a simple device that can make all the difference to your nose each time you lift the lid of your trash can.

The Simplehuman Odorsorb Filter Kit has been manufactured with activated charcoal, which is used to absorb and neutralize odors in a natural way. Its holding case is sturdy and can be firmly attached to the lid of the trash can. Use it in your refrigerator, pantry, cabinets, and closets too, and make it an investment you will always be glad you made.

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