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Simplehuman Sink Caddy

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Traditional toothbrush holders and soap dishes can be quite inconvenient, especially when placed in a smaller sized bathroom. Because they are not fixed, it is quite easy for the items they hold to end up in the sink, on the floor, or worse, in the toilet. All that can be prevented with the Simplehuman Sink Caddy, a versatile and convenient device that allows you to keep all your sink essentials within easy reach without having to worry about them falling.

The Simplehuman Sink Caddy has been manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring its long life and durability, while its venting holes allow your sponges and brushes to dry quickly and effectively. All this, and much more, make the Simplehuman Sink Caddy an investment not contemporary bathroom should go without.

The Simplehuman Sink Cadd dimensions are 5.6"W x 7.6" L x 7.5" tall.

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