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SodaStream Rootbeer Sodamix

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Gone are the days of flat sodas. Enjoy a tasty treat with Sodastream Rootbeer Sodamix. This is the soda to be enjoyed anytime you crave that hearty root beer taste. Sodastream’s root beer has the same great carbonated fizz you expect out of your favorite name brand store-bought sodas. The difference is the price and quality. Each time you have a Sodastream Rootbeer Sodamix you know you have a low sodium drink with abundant flavors. Your tap water never tasted so good! Sodastream Rootbeer Sodamix is perfect to make homemade root beer floats or to make your favorite cocktails. Don’t forget you can use root beer for your favorite desserts as well.

440ml bottle can make 35 servings.

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