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SodaStream Source Soda Maker Starter Kit, White

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The elegant and modern SodaStream Source White Soda Maker Starter Kit will help you make your favorite sparkling waters and carbonated beverages without all the added sugars or salts. Take control of what you and your family or friends are drinking with the SodaStream Source White Soda Maker Starter Kit. Sleek and modern, the SodaStream Source White Soda Maker Starter Kit includes a soda maker, a sixty liter carbon dioxide cylinder, and a one liter carbonating bottle with a hermetic cap that is designed to withstand the high pressure created by carbonation.

The SodaStream Source White Soda Maker Starter Kit will not only a way to save money, but it is also environmentally friendly since its bottle can be used many times, and requires little to no cleaning. It has been manufactured with materials of the highest quality, and is sure to bring you many years of great tasting soda. Make your way to a healthier, less expensive carbonated beverage, with the SodaStream Source White Soda Maker Starter Kit you will always have the best tasting soda available to quench your thirst.