Sophie Conran


Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl

Cereal can seem like such a plain food, until you put it in a Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl, a beautifully crafted, glazed porcelain bowl, designed with elegance and style in mind. The Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl is embossed with horizontal bands that only serve to add to its already beautiful shape by giving it a timeless appearance.

The Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl has been manufactured with materials of the highest quality, which ensure you get a long lasting and durable product. It can be safely used both in a conventional or microwave oven, as well as placed in the freezer, without fear of damage, and is also dishwasher safe, making clean up a breeze. Give new life to your food, with the Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl, you simply can't go wrong.

Made of fine white porcelaine with a translucent, the Sophie Conran Cereal Bowl measures 7.5" diameter.

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