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Sophie Conran


Sophie Conran Citrus Juicer

When you are looking for the perfect citrus juicer to match your kitchen decor, one which will last a long time without becoming marred or scratched, yet will do a perfect job time and time again, look no further than the Sophie Conran Citrus Juicer.

The delicately crafted Sophie Conran Citrus Juicer has been manufactured with high quality porcelain and finished in a transparent glaze that lends it the durability and longevity desired by most objects of its type, while making it easy to clean and maintain. Its pure white color will fit in with any style you already have in place, yet will not become stained or discolored over time, making this an investment that will give you more in return than you will ever put into it.

Made of fine white porcelain with a translucent glaze, the Sophie Conran Citrus Juicer measures 6" in diameter, and features a 1" spout that makes it easy to pour your favourite juices right into a cup, pot or in a pitcher.


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