Umbra Stream Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels are a convenient and sanitary essential in every kitchen, providing quick clean-ups and blotting while cooking. But with counter space at a premium in most home kitchens, having a wall-mounted paper towel dispenser can be a necessity for many. Add to this the often 'dull' design style of many paper towel holders, and you'll quickly come to appreciate the Umbra Stream Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder. Designed by  Kerr & Co. for Umbra, this sleek, modernistic towel holder adds a distinct design element to your kitchen with two simple screws. Made of die-cast zinc with a brass tube and plated finish, this isn't some boring accessory. Futuristic and unique, the Umbra Stream will add flair and functionality to any kitchen. Plus keeping the roll of towels up and off the counter adds additional convenience. Mount one next to the sink or near the microwave for quick access when needed.

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