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Swissmar Scalpel Blade Peeler

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Every day people peel potatoes and for dinner, and every day they cut their hands and fingers in the process because of handling knives.

Eliminate that danger with the 30141 Swissmar Scalpel Blade Peeler. With the 30141 Swissmar Scalpel Blade Peeler potatoes, along with apples, pears and other hard veggies or fruits are peeled effortlessly.

The 30141 Swissmar Scalpel Blade Peeler is made in Switzerland and turns peeling into a completely new experience. Razor sharp blades allow for effortless peeling with every stroke. A side cutter can be used to remove blemishes and eyes of potatoes.

In addition to fruit and veggies, the peeler can also be used for hard cheeses and chocolate.

So make life a little easier for yourself and get yourself a quality peeler.