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Typhoon Stainless Steel Oil Pourer

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The Typhoon Stainless Steel Oil Pourer is a must have for any cook or chef, regardless of whether you’re a professional or you cook for fun. This durable oil pourer is made from heavy duty stainless steel and silicone. It attaches easily to most if not all Typhoon oil bottles. Pouring oil is mess-free thanks to the quality and shape of the pourer.

You’re guaranteed mess-free and drip-free pouring with the Typhoon Stainless Steel Oil Pourer. Use it to drizzle oil on salads, and more! The Typhoon Stainless Steel Oil Pourer is also versatile and could be used for various Typhoon oil bottles maxing it a flexible product. Homemade oils are the best, so serve them up with this stylish oil pourer. But don’t forget your Typhoon bottle.