UCO Waterproof Match Case

If you’ve ever tried to light a camp fire only to realize that your matches wouldn’t light because they got wet when it rained, then you know just how frustrating and inconvenient this is. That’s a problem you’ll avoid when you bring the UCO Waterproof Match Case with you on your next camping trip. The UCO Waterproof Match Case is not only waterproof, but it’s so waterproof that it was designed to float in water, completely sealing out moisture and leaks.

This is a waterproof match case designed with durability and is guaranteed to keep your matchsticks dry anytime. Regardless of how extreme the weather gets, when your matches are safely tucked away inside of the UCO Waterproof Match Case, they’re safe. This match case works well with UCO Stormproof Matches as well as other matches, and has a 40 match capacity. You’ll experience easy lighting thanks to its external replaceable striker. Three strikers are included with your new match case.

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