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Wusthof Black Classic Ikon Santoku Knife 7" & Whetstone Asia Set

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The perfect all-purpose knife for slicing and dicing meats, fruits and vegetables, the Wusthof Black Classic Ikon Santoku Knife 7" & Whetstone Asia Set will become your go to in the kitchen!

Crafted in Germany, this Wusthof knife is made using high quality carbon stainless steel that stays sharper 20% longer than the competition. It uses its razor sharp blade to effortlessly slice through any type of food, the best quality of a do-it-all chef's knife.

The handle of this knife features a comfortable shape and stylish design that makes it fun and easy to cut with. The handle is actually made from a high performance material that resists fading and discolouration. Another great feature is that this knife has a specific design that allows you to hone and sharpen the entire blade - ideal for constant, continuous use. With this Wusthof piece you're ultimately getting a knife that's razor sharp, comfortable and easy to use, and is perfectly balanced.

The whetstone is ideal for sharpening and honing your knives. It uses high quality, abrasive grits - one side with fine, the other with coarse. You use the coarse side to smooth off any unevenness and the finer grit is used to sharpen and hone your knife.

  • Set includes knife and dual sided whetstone
  • 7" razor sharp blade
  • Whetstone is J 2000 and J 400
  • Famously made in Solingen, Germany using German steel
  • Precision-forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang that is triple riveted to the handle for precise control
  • Precision Edge Technology produces 20% sharper blade with twice edge retention
  • Half bolster allows knife to be honed and sharpened the entire length of the blade
  • Heel bolster provides additional balance
  • Contoured handle for comfortable fit and contemporary appearance
  • Handle made of POM - highly durable material that resists fading and discolouration
  • Hand wash recommended, do not let soak in water
  • Model: 1120360212