Wusthof Classic Boning Knife

Boning or trimming meat can be a daunting task, and using the wrong knife will only leave you with shredded and torn food. The Wusthof Classic Boning Knife has been designed specifically with this job in mind, and each cut will be perfectly smooth and even.

The Wusthof Classic Boning Knife is manufactured with only the best stainless steel, and because it is used for heavy duty cutting, its ergonomic handle has been created with your comfort and safety in mind. It includes a finger guard that prevents damage to your hand during use, and can be firmly held without much force on your part.

The six inch blade of the Wusthof Classic Boning Knife can be used for boning ham, venison, lamb, and other types of meat, as well as fish and other softer foods.

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