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Wusthof Black Gourmet Cook's Knife

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The perfect all-purpose knife for slicing and dicing meats, fruits and vegetables, the Wusthof Black Gourmet Cook's Knife will become your go to in the kitchen!

Crafted in Germany, this Wusthof knife is precision laser-cut and stamped to provide you with value and quality. It uses its razor sharp blade to effortlessly slice through any type of food, the best quality of a do-it-all chef's knife.

The handle of this knife features a comfortable shape and stylish design that makes it fun and easy to cut with. The handle is actually made from a high performance material that resists fading and discolouration. Another great feature is that this knife is especially lightweight and is easy to maintain. With this Wusthof piece you're ultimately getting a knife that's razor sharp and comfortable to use at an affordable price.

What truly sets a Wusthof knife apart from the competition? Each knife is produced start to finish in Solingen, Germany - the steel manufacturing capital of the world. Wusthof is one of the few brands to do so and as a result, uses premium quality high carbon stainless steel that simply isn't found in any other knife. They're made by the best using the best materials.

  • Razor sharp blade
  • Famously made in Solingen, Germany using German steel
  • Laser-cut, stamped crafted
  • Contoured handle for comfortable fit and contemporary appearance
  • Handle made of POM - highly durable material that resists fading and discolouration
  • Hand wash recommended, do not let soak in water
  • Model: 1025044816 and 1025044820