Wustof Classic Chef & Paring Knife Set

Perfect for any kitchen, the Wustof Classic Chef & Paring Knife Set will help any home cook to accomplish a variety of kitchen prep and cooking tasks with ease. The set comes with two of the most commonly used and go-to knives in the kitchen, a Chef"s knife and a Paring knife. The comfortable handles Of the Wustof Classic Pairing Knife will help you perfectly peel back fruit skins and trim vegetables for salads, snacks, desserts and meals. While the large heel and fine point of the Wustof Classic Chef"s knife will enable you to chop, mince and dice meats, vegetables, herbs and more with precision and professional skill.

The Wustof Classic Chef & Paring Knife Set comes with:

  • Paring knife that measures 3.54" (9 cm).
  • Chef's knife that measures 8" (20 cm).


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