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InterDesign York Tumbler

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The swanky InterDesign York Tumbler is both lovely and highly functional. It can be blend easily with the decor of a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even office space. It can store pens on your desk, or you may opt to keep it in your bedroom to help organize accessories.

Made primarily of ceramic, the InterDesign York Tumbler has brushed stainless steel accents that add a bit of both pizazz and practicality  to the tumbler. In the bathroom, you can use it as a toothbrush holder or even as an ecologically friendly bathroom cup for rinsing or gargling. Men may use it as a convenient way to store shaving supplies, while women may find that lotions and perfumes are easily organized with the tumbler. The possibilities for uses of it are endless.

2.75" x 2.75" x4.75" high