Zoku Round Pops Mold

Instead of buying ice pops from the store that are full of artificial flavoring and sugars, make them from home with the Zoku Round Pops Mold. With the Zoku Round Pops Mold, you’ll get to create any type of ice pop you like instantly and easily right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The smaller size of these pops ensures attention to healthy portion sizes as well. The Zoku Round Pops Mold allows you to create four round flavorful ice pop creations at a time. Your kit includes one base, four molds and four sticks.

Anyone can enjoy the Zoku Round Pops Mold, but they’re extra great for families, kids, parties, sleepovers, and gatherings. The Zoku Round Pops Mold is easy to keep clean and stores easily.

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