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Zyliss Shake-n-Go

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If you love a good protein shake, then you’ll love just how easy the Zyliss Shake-n-Go makes protein shake preparation! The Zyliss Shake-n-Go takes modern convenience to a whole new level. Simply pour in the ingredients of your protein shake, shake, and “go.” It’s that easy.

And its measurement labels take the work and hassle out of having to use measuring cups to measure ingredients with when preparing a drink, dressing, or sauce, etc. The Zyliss Shake-n-Go is not limited to just protein shake preparation.

You can use this nifty little kitchen gadget to work just about anything. Use it with homemade salad dressings, various types of drinks, shakes, marinades, sauces, and more. The Zyliss Shake-n-Go is dishwasher safe for your convenience making it easy to keep clean.


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