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July 19, 2019 3 min read


You want to make the most of barbeque season while it lasts, but even your absolute favourite barbeque chicken recipe can only be on the table so many days in a row before it starts feeling stale. Let us help you switch it up! From cedar plank grilled salmon, to kid (and let’s face it, adult) friendly grilled quesadillas, we guarantee we’ll be able to get you out of your fire-spit funk!

But First...The Basics:

Grill Brush:

Give your grill the love it deserves with a good scrape down. But before you do, we’ve all heard the stories of dangerous metal bristles from traditional BBQ brushes breaking off and ending up in food. A trip to the hospital isn’t exactly the way to kickstart a summer night. Get yourself a bristle-free barbeque brush today and feel confident in your family’s safety!

Brushtech Double Helix Bristle Free 16” Scraper:


And if you’d prefer to stay away from metal scrapers entirely, check out this solid hardwood one from BBQ Devil (now 25% off) that uses a tapered edge that allows for ample coverage:

BBQ Devil Wood Grill Scraper:


The Tools:

Arming yourself with the right tools is an essential step to grilling. Tongs, and spatulas with long handles to keep your hands safely above the flame, and a basting brush with heat-safe silicone that won’t melt into food are key. Check out the BBQ Devil line of grilling tools, on sale right now for 25% off regular price!

Turner and tongs set of two:


Basting brush:


Instant Read Thermometer:

A good thermometer is worth its weight in gold. Grilling meat of any type can be tricky business to even the most seasoned chef, add a beer or two (for the full backyard grilling experience we know you’re after) and reaching the temperature sweet spot may seem nearly impossible. Quickly check temperatures and keep everyone safe by picking up an instant read thermometer. 

Good Grips Chef’s Precision:


Grill light:

And finally, I’m going to throw this one in, not because it’s essential, but because I think it’s one of the most handy barbequing tools you can gift yourself. This LED grill light easily clips onto the lid of your grill and shines down onto the food, freeing up your hands entirely to use for flipping and basting, instead of having to juggle a flashlight! Such a simple concept but oh SO handy!

Outset LED grill light:



Now let’s get cooking!

Now that we’ve got all your bases covered, let’s get you recipes that will impress and satisfy not only guests and family members, but yourself!


Pineapple Habanero BBQ Chicken Kebabs (kid friendly!)

A completely unique take on traditional BBQed chicken:


Make it tonight:

These whimsical Ninja and Pirate themed skewers will add some fun to your next family grill out!



Teriyaki Cedar Plank BBQ Salmon


Make it tonight:Made in Canada, this beautiful cedar plank and shish kebab skewers with hand-crafted glass beads (now on sale!) make this salmon a breeze!



Parmesan Garlic Potato Packets (Vegetarian)


Make it tonight: These waste free reusable grilling bags suit this recipe perfectly and allow for easy cleanup!



Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas with Kale Pesto (Vegetarian + Kid Friendly!)


Make it tonight:

Keep toppings from falling through the grill with this handy and attractive Barbeque Plancha by Emile Henry



Grilled Asparagus and Ricotta Pizza


Make it tonight:

Add unique smokiness to your pizza crust by cooking it right on the grill along with the vegetables with this Outset Pizza Grill Stone!




The perfect end to any meal!


Grilled Maple Butter Apricots W/ Ice Cream

Grilled fruit becomes soft and caramelized, almost buttery it’s so good. Add ice cream and you have something magical on your hands.


Make it tonight:Use the real stuff. Treat yourself.



Campfire Cobbler


Make it tonight:

Lodge Cast Iron Skillets 



Raspberry Cream Greek Yogurt Pops


Make it tonight:

This popsicle tray with removable molds make loosening each popsicle a cinch!


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