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June 21, 2019 2 min read

Sustainable tools for environmentally aware trendsetters

Wusthof Urban Farmer

Made in Solingen, Germany like all other Wusthof knifes, the brand new Urban Farmer collection from Wusthof offers you a way to prepare home-grown, fresh ingredients right in your own kitchen without ever having to sacrifice the quality and durability that has defined centuries of Wusthof knives.

While each knife in this collection serves its own unique purpose during the food preparation process, they are all intended for use both outdoors and inside for gardening, harvesting, and pruning fruits and vegetables, as well as handling meat. A very unique differentiation from other Wusthof knives, and other premium knives on the market, they accomplish this in a variety of ways.

Every Urban Farmer knife has a handle crafted from thermo treated beech wood that is sustainably and responsibly grown, a process that ultimately ends with a handle that is water resistant and extremely robust while using it. The way Wusthof prepares this handle makes it especially durable and resistant to tougher conditions that premium knives usually never face, like dirt and picking and pruning raw fruits and vegetables found in gardens. Along with the handle is the non-slip bolster that provides incredibly secure grip in your hand while dealing with tough produce in your own garden or ingredients on your cutting board.

What makes these knives especially great, outside of their environmentally conscious design and unique durability, is that they feature the same fantastic stainless steel found in any other Wusthof knife. With a full tang in each knife, the strong stainless steel contains a high carbon content making them exceptionally wear resistant with a sharper edge lasting longer.

The Wusthof Urban Farmer collection features the perfect knives for a sustainable set or just individual pieces as needed, allowing you slice, dice, and prune your own garden's fresh ingredients responsibly and safely!

Wusthof Urban Farmer

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