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October 28, 2021 2 min read

So Simple - So Cost Effective - So Environmentally Now - SodaStream

It really is just as simple as the touch of a button! Turn flat water fizzy with this super useful kitchen appliance in mere seconds!  The SodaStream really is a game changer on so many levels you will marvel at both its simplicity and its cost effectiveness. Let’s have a look at the many benefits of the options available to you.

Offered in three different styles in two stylish colours which work well with any interior, SodaStream makes an excellent addition to any kitchen or bar. The starter kits include the unit itself, either the Fizzi, the Fizzi One Touch or the Source, each with their own benefits and design features.  The starter kit also comes with your first C02 canister which offers 60L of bubbles, a 1L bottle for creating those delicious bubbles and a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Not bad for a start.

The units themselves vary slightly in how they create bubbles from fully manual, meaning you hold down the bar until the desired level of carbonation is reached by simply pressing the button which coincides with the level you prefer.  So simple! After that you choose which model you prefer based on its design and how that might fit into your home.


The real beauty of the SodaStream system however is how much you will save not running out to the store every other day to grab more bottled water. Less out of your pocket, less into the landfill. It’s a win/win! And when you couple that with the flexibility of how many flavour choices are available you can add in the convenience of storage as well. We offer ginger ale, cola, both in diet form as well, lemonade, root beer, and a wide variety of fruity drops!

So for everyday living of course it makes sense but consider how well it will fit into your next get together. (Yes! Remember those! We can have them again!) Normally you would probably come home with either a few large bottles of assorted soft drinks and sodas including fruity drinks. Most of these will not be finished and you’re left with the inevitable partial bottle that sits in your pantry getting flatter by the day until you finally cave in and tip it down the drain. Alternatively maybe you choose to go with the small single serve cans and feel the inevitable guilt on recycling day. We’ve all been there, but now there is another choice.

The final bonus of purchasing a SodaStream for your own home is that each time you reach your 12th C02 canister it’s FREE! Another of the many reasons to shop at iQliving!


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