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November 08, 2019 3 min read

19 Things you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to live without.

1. Reusable, Canadian made, beeswax food wrap for storing cheese, breads, fruits and vegetables that reshapes with the warmth of your hand.

2. A silicone microwave popcorn lid for easy, oil free popping right in the comfort of your own home anytime. (Bowl not included)

3. Designer toilet paper to prove to friends just how committed to the holiday game you are. Sure to put a smile on your guest's faces where they least expect it. 

4. A showstopping Christmas tree cookie cutting set that comes with 10 star cutters in graduated sizes, and three disposable icing bags with tips. A fun family activity that makes for a stunning centre piece (and it's slightly less intimidating than assembling an entire gingerbread house).


5. A spatula with a cutting edge to make getting that first slice of lasagna a breeze. Made with versatility and style in mind, move from cooking to table with ease.

6. A set of disposable baking pans so you don't have to worry about having to carry home a dirty casserole dish home from work with you after the staff holiday potluck.

7. These reusable produce bags to help you reduce your single-use plastic consumption once and for all. They come in a set of three to make sure you're covered no matter the size of the produce. Also makes for a thoughtful gift for the farmer's market-goer in your life.

8. A multi cookie cutter that lets you make 14 cookies all at once because when it's closing in on bed time and your office cookie exchange is in the morning, efficiency is everything.

9. Not to be cheesy, but we think this will make a very gouda gift for the foodie in your life. This two-in-one cheese board with a hidden storage compartment and four accompanying cheese knives.  


10. This butter knife that uses the heat from your hand to make for a frustration-free breakfast with a perfectly smooth butter schmear. Our best guess on how it works? Pure magic.

11. These set of five produce-saving silicone food covers, that "hug" the ends of fruits and vegetables of all sizes in the fridge to keep them out of the compost bin.

12. These whimsical coloured birthday candles that burn the colours of the rainbow for the most magical birthday celebration. Kids of all ages (read: adults too) will be delighted to see these atop a cake on their special day, we guarantee it!

13. This spice blend to make the PERFECT cup of mulled wine (okay okay, or apple cider). Just what the doctor ordered after a long day in the cold. Serve to party guests at your next holiday party for a group of happy people.

14. These fabulous taco holders that will transform your boring old taco Tuesday into a true event like it was meant to be.

15. Wrap your hands around these STUNNING espresso cups inspired by the waves of the sea that will recall you of warmer days that you're bound to be missing by this time of year.

16. This all-in-one cooker that sautes, sears, slow cooks, AND pressure cook. Need we go on? 

17. This crazy useful 3-in-one spoon/spatula/measuring spoon! Use this for all steps of the cooking or baking process and you'll only need to clean a single utensil. Technology these days, we tell you.


18. This capital-A Adorable egg mold. Make an Instagram worthy plate and impress even your pickiest critics at the breakfast table.


19. This organization-lover's dream set of 5 pop lock containers will keep your pantry in tip top shape just in time for new years resolutions and spring cleaning.


We hope you love our picks. Let us know below which your favourite was!

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