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Norpro Round 2" Canning Labels, 24 Pack

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Some people like to can fruit. Not only is home canned fruit cheaper than store bought, but you know with absolute certainty that your canned goods contain no sugar and no preservatives.

Home canning can present one small problem though – after a while, how do you tell the difference between peaches and nectarines? Or strawberries and raspberries? In a can they might look alike.

Solve the problem with these 20114 Norpro Round 2" Canning Labels, 24 Pack. Simply stick a label on top of the can and now you’ll know what’s inside.

In addition to the type of fruit, you can also write the date of canning on the 20114 Norpro Round 2" Canning Labels. And with 24 labels to use, you can can to your heart’s content.