Polder Dryer Rack, Ultralight

Get your laundry air dried quickly and efficiently with the Polder Ultralight Dryer Rack. The lightweight aluminum design weighs only 5.5 lbs, and offers 18 feet of drying space. The open close function works with the friction tabs for secure closure. The thick aluminum drying rods help resist sagging, and provide ample room to dry clothes. A recessed hanger shelf also provides room for up to 21 shirts to dry on hangers. The Polder Ultralight Dryer rack features built in garment clips for hang drying smaller items and delicate.

When not in use, simply use fold the Polder Ultralight Dryer Rack together, and use the rear rolling wheels to easily transport it back into storage. The Polder Ultralight Dryer Rack measures 23.5" L x 1.65" W x 56" H when closed, and 44" L x 24" W x 43" H when open.

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