Riedel Cuvee Prestige Glass Set

The Riedel Cuvee Prestige Glass is the most perfect champagne glass ever designed. It has been delicately and expertly crafted to enhance the full range of flavors found in the finest of champagnes and sparkling wines. The Riedel Cuvee Prestige Glass has a small dot etched into the bottom of the glass, which ensures a continuous stream of bubbles that prevent the wine from going flat.

Manufactured with high quality materials, the Riedel Cuvee Prestige Glass is the perfect frame for vintage champagnes and sparkling wines, allowing for the perfect flow of its aroma and bouquet, while preserving its naturally complex flavors. Celebrate the occasion with a good bottle of champagne and the Riedel Cuvee Prestige Glass, an investment your wine collection should not go without.

Comes as a set of 2 glasses.

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