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October 10, 2019 3 min read

9 Recipes For Using Up Thanksgiving Leftovers

Ahhh Thanksgiving. A time for giving  thanks, spending time with family or your community, and of course, a time to make the biggest meals you’ll make all year. Copious amounts of delicious food Monday night leads to plenty of delicious leftovers for Tuesday lunch, and Tuesday dinner, and Wednesday lunch and...well let’s be honest, Wednesday dinner. And by day three, no matter how good the food is, our guess is that you’ll be ready to move on from the whole ordeal. So we’ve compiled a list of ways to use up those lasting leftovers and freshen up your palate, all while still clearing out the fridge. 

Please enjoy the following eight recipes for using up Thanksgiving Leftovers.

1. Turkey Cobb Sandwiches

Brighten up heavy leftovers with lettuce, tomatoes, and a zingy balsamic vinegar mayo dressing.


Make it today:

Speaking of leftovers, Food Huggers are the perfect way to preserve fresh produce like avocados if you have any left after this sandwich.


2. Cheese Leftover Mashed Potato Waffles

Who doesn’t love crispy potato pancakes? Top with leftover gravy and cranberry sauce.


Make it today:

Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Iron

The trays of this waffle maker can be easily removed for simple cleaning.


3. Thanksgiving Noodles

This one pot meal will transform Monday night’s dinner into something completely different but equally as hearty. It will also give you a good excuse to use up that bundle of celery you were obligated to buy and used a single stick from. Best of all worlds!


Make it today:

Currently on sale for 25% off, the Le Creuset Round French Oven makes for a classic stew pot to make this comforting soup in. 


4. Turkey Enchiladas

Change the direction of these leftovers completely with these Mexican inspired Turkey Enchiladas. Add black beans for extra fiber and spice it up with hot chili flakes or canned chipotles in adobo sauce for something totally different.


Make it today:

Emile Henry Ultime Rectangular Baker

This classic casserole dish is the perfect way to bake and serve these crowd pleasers. Now 25% off!


5. Meatball Heroes made with Leftover Stuffing

Use stuffing as a binder in these innovative Hero subs.


Make it today:

OXO Good Grips Trigger Scoop

Ensure evenly sized meatballs every time with a trigger ice cream scoop. Also great for scooping large cookies, or muffins batter into pans.



6. Ultimate Leftover Turkey Club

Clear your fridge of leftover turkey, and cranberry sauce in one fell swoop with this cheesy panini. 


Make it tonight:

RSVP Bamboo Knot Cocktail Picks

The perfect way to keep these stacked sandwiches together with at least /less/ mess.


7. BBQ Turkey Pizza

“Consider it an open faced bbq turkey sandwich and you’ll be happy to be eating something other than a regular ol’ turkey sandwich post-Thanksgiving.”


Make it tonight:

Fox Run Non-Stick Pizza Crisper

Don’t  feel like pulling out your heavy ceramic stone baker? Try this holey pizza pan that promotes air circulation for a crispy dough.


8. Cranberry Turnovers 

Make these for a fun and easy breakfast, or mid-afternoon snack with a cup of coffee for a mid-afternoon pick me up.


Make it tonight:

Fox Run Icing Set, 8 or 17 piece

Make these extra special with an icing bag and feel like a professional in the kitchen. Also a fun activity to do with kids!


9. Savoury Pumpkin Feta Safe Muffins

The one pie you made only getting you through half a can of pumpkin puree? Give these Pumpkin Feta Sage Muffins a shot for a savoury addition to any plate, or on it’s own with a hot drink.

Make it tonight:

Paperchef Parchment Muffin Cups

For an extra special presentation, use these simple and contemporary cups.


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