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December 13, 2019 4 min read

We've got something for everyone! Take a browse through our curated gift guide for each special person in your life!

For the Budding Chef:

Every chef needs a proper chef's knife and this classic 8" knife is durable and easy to handle. 

And how about: THIS kit that includes a bamboo mat and rice spoon for anyone wanting to try their hand at sushi making!

OR If sushi's not their thing, how about helping set them up their very own pasta bar right out of their own kitchen? This pasta machine and ravioli press will start them off on the right foot!


For the Health Nut:

I challenge you to find a gift better suited to a health conscious cook than a high-powered blender perfect for making homemade nut butters and morning green smoothies. And right now until December 24th, you'll receive a $50 in-store gift card for iQliving when you purchase any Vitamix blender!

OR what about THIS all purpose electric cooker, capable of pressure cooking, sauteing, slow cooking and so much more? Perfect for quick cooking grains, meats, and beans!

For the Gadget Junkie:

Popcorn is always a crowdpleaser, and THIS air popper is guaranteed to put smiles on faces this holiday season.

THIS handheld indoor smoker for smoking everything from ice cream to cheese to fish to popcorn! 

And to accompany: Pair this smoker with some flavoured wood chips to test out with a variety of foods!

For the Tea Lover:

This STUNNING cast iron tea pot. A true show stopper perfect for the entire tea making process. Boil water directly in the pot and serve. A gorgeous addition to any tea fanatic's collection.

AND THIS classic bamboo matcha whisk to accompany for a truly zen tea drinking experience. Pair with some high quality matcha powder and you'll be the winning gift giver this year!

No matter what else your tea lover gets this holiday season, make sure they can cozy up to their brew in style with these minimalist inspired durable and colourful mugs!

For the Eco-Warrior:

THESE environmentally friendly biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes! They're vegan, compostable, and feature charcoal infused bristles.

THIS reusable beeswax food wrap! This biodegradable organic cotton and beeswax wrap keeps food from going bad in the fridge or on the counter, and keeps you from having to use throw-away plastic wrap. A sure winner!

THESE set of three reusable organic cotton produce bags for all your grocery store and farmer's market finds. 

AND we recommend throwing in some of these food saving food huggers that are perfect for keeping produce fresh in the fridge and out of the trash bin.


For the Coffee Connoisseur:

We guarantee that any caffeine fiend in your life will absolutely LOVE to find this counter-top espresso machine sitting under the tree on Christmas morning (who wouldn't?)!

Or if espresso isn't their thing, how about treating them to the magical world of rich and bold French Pressed coffee?

Regardless of how the coffee is made, give the gift of beauty with these gorgeous espresso cups available in eight stunning colours.

AND HOW ABOUT THIS burr coffee grinder that will truly transform your coffee lover's mornings into an enchanting ritual that will engage all senses.

For the Globe Trotter:

THIS three-in-one travel set that will make flying comfortable and keep the gallivanter in your life cozy where ever they go!

ANDTHESE 3.4fl oz TSA approved travel tubes for liquids and gels that are the perfect size to be brought along in carry-on luggage!

ANDTHESE convenient collapsible travel cups, perfect for those on the go who want to reduce their environmental impact!


For the Growing Family:

A collection of our top picks for the new parents in your life!



For the Hungry Student:

Litterless lunches might be a new concept  to you and I, but any parent with young kids in school knows that this is common practice these days. Arm the new moms and dads in your life with a litter free lunch box and make their life a little easier in the mornings!


For the Foodie:

How about some locally sourced organic honeyKept in backyards and on rooftops of Toronto neighbourhoods, and cared for by urban Registered Beekeepers, this honey will taste like home.

Straight from Puglia Italy, THIS bottle of organic fruity olive oil in a gorgeous rainbow bottle is sure to impress even the toughest food critic!

And finally this line of fancy mustards that include flavours like Ice Wine, Hot English, and Triple Maple! A delightful addition to any Foodie's pantry! 


For Those Who Mean Business:

Here's a hot tip: from our experience when you treat those who love to cook to exciting kitchen toys...you're the one who gets to reap the rewards! THIS stand mixer is a sure winner for everyone this holiday season!

THIS sous vide machine will turn your casual home cook into a master chef. Sous vide cooking locks in moisture and flavour, and results in perfectly consistent high-quality professional style meals every time. An extremely cool gift!

This GORGEOUS cutting board is made in the USA from black walnut and comes in multiple sizes. It's a true showstopper. Add it to your serious foodie's collection today!


For the Person Who Has Everything:

THESE fish-shaped pots that actually gurgle are by far our most ordered items here at the store. Don't know what to get someone? Give these a shot. They're eye catching and can be used for water, wine, or even as a flower vase! 

THIS French oven perfect for the baker or avid home cook in your life. Trust us, this is the type of gift people don't buy for themselves, but will be thrilled to receive! 

Transport them back to their childhood with the chocolate that started it all...Laura Secord! These seldom found chocolate bars are a hit with every age!

And last but most definitely not least...THESE insulated, stemless wine glasses. Perfect for cottages, boat rides, and backyard get togethers! They're guaranteed not to shatter and will keep wine chilled for up to 9 hours (if the wine lasts that long)!

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