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Fox Run


Fox Run Offset Icing Spatula

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The Fox Run Offset Icing Spatula is a must-have baking tool that anyone who bakes a lot should keep on-hand in the kitchen with their artillery of baking tools. This particular icing spatula is ideal for use when icing large cakes but could be used for small jobs too. When icing cakes with the Fox Run Offset Icing Spatula, you’ll ice them to perfection thanks to the ease of use you’ll discover when using this spatula.

Icing glides on and is easy to smooth out with this durable icing spatula. Featuring a sturdy stainless steel blade and a plastic handle that’s easy to grip while working with icing, the Fox Run Offset Icing Spatula is a quality icing spatula that with proper care you can pass on-down later.