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Indigo CO2 Cylinder - New

This product is for those who want a brand new Indigo CO2 cylinder or don't have an empty one to return.

The Indigo CO2 cylinder has a standard 60L capacity, which lasts 4-8 weeks depending on usage and carbonation level.


Indigo Works With...

The Indigo CO2 cylinder works with most soda maker models - including SodaStream, Arke and DrinkMate.

The Indigo cylinder does not work with new generation SodaStream "Quick Connect" machines that use pink label cylinders.


Want To Try Indigo?

Do you have a SodaStream cylinder but want to try Indigo? We will take back your empty SodaStream cylinder and give you an Indigo one at the lower Indigo price.

If you aren't satisfied with Indigo, get a hassle-free exchange back to SodaStream.


About Indigo

Indigo is a Canadian company based in Quebec that offers quality CO2 soda maker cylinders at highly competitive prices.



Online orders for Indigo cylinders are for in-store pick up or local delivery only - no Canada Post. Feel free to shop Indigo in store!