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Maison Berger


Maison Berger Jungle Lamp

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The Jungle lamp from Maison Berger is a sleek and modern home fragrance solution.

When activated with a fragrance, this lamp will circulate and purify the air in your home, leaving behind a pleasant aroma while getting rid of any unwanted odors from cooking, pets or smoke.

Maison Berger lamps are easy to use, highly effective, and work with any fragrance lamp refills.


  • 1 x lacquered glass lamp
  • 1 x wick
  • 1 x funnel

How To Use

  • Fill your Maison Berger Lamp with a Maison Berger fragrance to 2/3 capacity
  • Light the lamp with a match or lighter
  • Allow the flame to burn for 2 minutes (do NOT leave the lamp unattended)
  • After 2 minutes, blow out the flame and put on the protective cover (be careful!)
  • Allow the Maison Berger lamp 20 minutes to cleanse and purify the air
  • Remove protective cover carefully and place the stopper back on top

Usage Tips

  • Remove the burner from the lamp if you aren't using it for several weeks
  • Change the burner every 200 lightings or every year
  • Use the Neutral fragrance between two scents to clean the burner of residual scents
  • Use of perfumes other than those of Maison Berger can seriously damage your burner