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OXO SteeL Spaghetti Server

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It is difficult to serve spaghetti and long noodles with a smooth edged spoon. For that reason, the OXO Steel Spaghetti Server is available. This is the ideal tool for scooping pastas without frustration. Children can easily make their own plates to suit their appetites. For side dishes that involve longer noodles this is also a handy tool to have around. Consider using this for other serving opportunities as well. It serves a great purpose for serving spaghetti squash, coleslaw, barbecue shredded meats and salads. It helps to prevent tricky foods from falling off of the sides of a spoon. If you have two in a bowl of salad, these can work as salad tossers at a gathering or a matching serving utensil for large pots or pans of food at larger events.