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OXO SteeL Swivel Peeler

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The OXO Steel Swivel Peeler is ideal for potatoes, yams and other root vegetables with tough skins. It also peels acorn and butternut squash with ease. Try using this on a pineapple to help the cleaning process go a little faster. This peeler easily glides through fruits such as mangoes, apples and pears with ease. The swiveling motion of the blade lets it turn with the fruit or vegetable. Consider making cucumber salad with strips shaved from the vegetable with this peeler rather than slices. It also helps to make pretty vegetable ribbons for sauteing and pasta dishes. If you don't have a cheese grater, make thin slices of Parmesan for salads and pasta dishes too. This is a kid friendly device that they can use to help prepare snacks and dinner.