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January 10, 2020 3 min read

Maybe you take part in Meatless Monday or Veganaury, maybe the Australian wildfires have caused you to rethink your carbon footprint, or maybe you're just trying to up your intake of greens to clear out some of that stuffing and gravy. No matter what the reasoning behind it is, we're here to support you! There are plenty of reasons to Go Green so we hope this blog of tips will make for a more gentle transition!

Our first tip is to serve large portions! Never leave the table hungry and unsatisfied by eating only iceberg lettuce and carrots. A hungry stomach craves all foods you're trying to avoid. There's so much more to veg food than rabbits have had you believe. 

Serve up a dish full of THESE vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas. Use store-bought enchilada sauce to make this an easy weeknight meal, and double the recipe for lots of leftovers! Full of protein, fiber, and nutrients, this dish is sure to leave everyone at the table feeling full and satisfied. 

Our second tip is to keep it simple! Find recipes with uncomplicated and minimal ingredients, that don't take long to whip up. It'll make dinner time less daunting and make it easier to stick to a new way of eating.

Serve this simple 20-minute Vegan Korean Beef with steamed broccoli for a complete dinner! You can find the "ground meat" in all large grocery stores.

If beef isn't your thing, how about giving this simple Chickpea Tomato Peanut Stew a go? It requires only 35 minutes, one pot, and ten ingredients. Can't get much easier that!

Tip number 3 is as follows: make what you like! Going plant-based doesn't mean you have to give up your favourite foods. It just means that you don't use meat in those foods. This will make transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle much less intimidating and feel less restrictive. Despite what Instagram might have you thinking, it isn't all avocado toast and smoothie bowls.

Love lasagna? Try this vegan version with a white sauce, tofu ricotta, and "meat" crumbles. Now we warn you this is a lengthier recipe and we recognize that it goes against everything we said in tip 2, but hey, when you're craving lasagna it probably going to be an afternoon event one way or another,

Burgers? What about these Black Bean Burgers (recipe tested and approved by yours truly). I recommend upping the spices, and adding in a small chopped bell pepper to cook with the onion for even more of a veggie punch. 


How about whipping up a big batch of this protein packed Chili? Hearty and filling, this will last you all week long. Try topping homebaked fries with it for dinner number two! Now this recipe involves some blending. Try out an immersion blender to make your life so, SO much easier.

Finally our fourth tip for the successful incorporation of plant-based recipes into your life is not deprive yourself. Salads and veggie plates are fine and dandy but there's no harm in indulging in some plant based deserts and "junk food" every so often.

Vegan Brownies anyone? Who would say no to these gooey "Best Ever" beauties?

Mac and cheese is a crowd favourite. This baked one offers creamy cheesy insides and a crispy topping. Perfection.

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