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August 07, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

Enjoy Our iQliving Staff Picks!


Slava's Pick - Packit Freezable Fresh Grocery Bag

Earlier this summer, I went for a 3 hour drive with frozen meat and dairy in this bag. It was stinking hot outside and the car felt like a sauna. When I got to where I was going, everything inside the bag was just as frozen as it was when I took it out of the freezer. It's an incredible bag. It can also fold up really nice and flat too if you have limited space to use in the freezer, which is awesome.



Stacia's Pick - Jude's Miracle Cleaning Cloth

The cloth is in fact miraculous. Everything the cloth claims to do be able to do does so repeatedly. It has tremendous staying power even after cleaning it many times in the washing machine. I use it on glasses, glassware, glass tables, windows in my house and even the windows in my car. No soap, chemicals, or polish, just water. I never have to use Windex again. It doesn't leave streaks either, ever. And it just works and works and works. Literally and figuratively this cloth is a miracle. I love it!



Brendan's Pick - World's Best Pot Scrubber With Foam

I use this cloth every night for cleaning off dishes and getting rid of stuck on food on my pots and pans. It works so much better and faster than traditional scrubbers or sponges and the difference in quality is quite noticeable even after just one use. The way it retains dish soap between uses and then disperses it onto whatever I'm cleaning is really impressive...I never feel like I'm wasting any of the soap I'm using. Even cleaning away grease on pans works extremely well and the cloth never, ever feels ruined by the grease it's touching. As someone who wouldn't typically be enthralled by everyday cleaning products, I really can't speak highly enough of this essential scrubber.



Justine's Pick - Now Designs Grabber Mitt

I do a ton of cooking and baking at home so I'm always running around with hot dishes but I hate having long oven mitts suffocating my hands. These smaller mitts fit my hands so well and the inside is really comfortable against my skin, especially with how much I'm using them. I'm actually able to grip and handle any of my dishes easily too, unlike other options out there, and they protect my hands from heat extremely well whenever I'm moving dishes from oven to stove top. I use these mitts every day and I can't recommend them enough!


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